September 28-29 ~~ Today's Announcements

Bell RingerBell_Ringer_2.jpg
  • Book Pass #1
    • For the book on your desk
      • Study the cover
      • If the novel has a book jacket, read the inside flap and the back.
      • Read page one.
      • On your Book Pass form, complete the requested information.

Reading WorkshopReading_Workshop.jpg
  • Today's Read-Alouds
    • As we read, note the narrative characteristics of each (Check your notes in your "Grammar/Writing" tab in your three-ring binder):
      • tells a story?
      • from which point of view are the stories told?
      • answers the 5 W's and H?
    • Click here to access Read-Alouds.
  • Assessment:
  • YOUR Tone:
    • Using the paragraph you emailed to me,
      • annotate the narrative qualities within your draft.
      • highlight concrete details in one color and commentary in another color of your choosing.
      • determine what the tone of your paragraph is...add that word and a short explanation to your paragrph.
      • Hand in to Mrs. Gillmore.
  • For your final submission (due before class next time), insert the following:
    • at least one appositive phrase
    • at least two participial phrases

  • Finalize narrative paragraph.
  • Read through Book 3 of My Antonia by next Wednesday/Thursday.

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