October 4-5 Today's Announcements //

Bell Ringer
external image pioneers.jpg
external image pioneers.jpg

  • New seating arrangements.
  • Writer's Notebook Topic:
    • Reflect on this picture.
    • Now list well-known pioneers.
    • Then list five pioneers from within your circle of people.
    • Out beside each, list why he/she is a pioneer.
  • Today's vocabulary word: mundane .

Writing Workshop

  • Review Participials
    • as an adjective.
      • The present participle ends in -ing. (Resource: [[http://englishplus.com/grammar/00000075.htm ]]
        • Examples
          • The stone steps, having been worn down by generations of students, needed to be replaced. [modifies "steps"
          • Working around the clock , the firefighters finally put out the last of the California brush fires. [modifies "firefighters"]
  • In your 3-ring binder in the "Writing/Grammar Section," create a page entitled "Expository Writing."
  • Read-Aloud
    • "I Have Killed the Deer"
      • Read the writing prompt .
        • Gather your thoughts, comments. Create an outline for a persuasive paragraph.
        • Focus: Point-of-view and tone.

  • Read My through Book 3 or Installment
  • Have you thoughts, comments, outline ready to draft a persuasive paragraph next time.

  • Vocab Quiz: Friday/Monday
  • Lit Term Quiz: Next Tuesday/Wednesday