October 6-7 ~ Today's Announcements

WARNING! To those who chew tobacco and to whoever spit on my personal belongings, I will have no mercy if caught doing this illegal activity in my room.To those who remain drug-free, thank you! :)

REMINDER: To use the mini's inappropriately will result in the loss of your using that mini. NO MORE WARNINGS!
  • Inappropriate Use
    • Roaming to sites not for this class.
    • Chatting in Google while in Gmail.
    • Chatting in Google Docs without being instructed to do.
    • Working on the mini when Mrs. Gillmore has asked for your attention.

Bell Ringer

Writing Workshop

    • Watch this clip: In your Writer's Notebook, explain whether this clip supports the theme of the previous two songs.
    • Now draft a persuasive paragraph responding to the promp of "I Have Killed the Deer."
      • Submit via the text of a email.
    • As you write, I will be handing back/discussing with you your narrative and expository paragraphs.

Time to Read!
  • Finish My Antonia for next time!
    • Finish gathering your evidence for your assigned character and your evidence of Antonia as an archetype of Mother Earth.

Upcoming Deadlines
  • 1st Nine Weeks Ends October 15!
    • Due by or before then...
      • Three-Ring Binder: all sections completed
      • Book Reviews and Annotated Bibliography on blog
      • My Antionia Test
      • Four paragraphs edited/revised/submitted again individually via a shared Google Doc.