October 12-13 Today's Announcements

Bell Ringer
  • Lit Term Quiz
  • Turn in My Antonia take-home quiz.

Work Time!
  • Descriptive Paragraph: Discuss/read/write. Draft due today to mrsg.homework@gmail.com
  • Character Google Presentation: I have shared a Google Presentation with your class. '
    • Work on your character’s assigned slides.
    • Presentation due today!
    • HINT: use this Presentation to help you study for the My Antonia (Thursday/Friday).
  • Have you completed reading My Antonia?
    • READ!
  • Have you completed four out-of-class reads?
    • REMINDER: Book reviews due on your blog.
    • If you read a book that counts as two books, then one book review will count as two book reviews! :)
  • Have you updated your Annotated Reading Page?
    • REMINDER: You access this page by clicking on “Edit Posts” or “New Post.”
    • Then select “Pages.”
    • OR when logged in go to your Annotated Reading Page and click on the edit pencil icon.

  • Test on My Antonia
  • 3-Ring Binder due...leave with sub.
  • Blog posts completed.

REMINDER: Late grades = 30 points off :(