October 14-15

Bell Ringer:
  • Go to your blog and open a new post.
  • Reflect on having completed 1/4 of your junior year.

  • Test: My Antonia.

Work Time:
  • Four Paragraphs due
    · All four must be posted in one blog post
    · Narrative = Time Pioneer
    · Expository = Career Day
    · Persuasive = Environment
    · Descriptive = Antonia as Mother Earth
  • 3-Ring Binders due:
    · Lit Terms defined with one term per page and in alphabetical order.
    · Vocab terms defined and examples if requested.
    · Grammar/Writing: I need to be able to find notes on appositives and participials and narrative and expository writing
    · Writer’s Notebook: See wiki for list of topics.
  • DUE on Blog· Book Reviews
    · Annotated Book List
    · Assigned topics

If time allows….Camelot!
  • This will be our final read in our thematic unit "A Pioneer Never Quits."
    • As you watch, gather this evidence.