"A sentence should be alive...Sentences need energy to make the meaning jump off the page and into the reader's head. As a writer you must embed energy in the sentence--coil the spring, set the trap." (Peter Elbow, Writing with Power)

Bell Ringer: Word StudyfourSquareVocab.png
(15 minutes)
  • In your binder in vocabulary section, create a T-chart with disgusting on one side and arrogant on the other. Brainstorm a list of synonyms for each.
  • Pair-and-Share: Two sixty-second rounds.
  • Using an online dictionary and/or thesaurus, add more words to your list.
  • Pair-and-Share: Two sixty-second rounds.
  • Discuss loathsome and supercilious .
  • Videos: Surf's Up and Despicable Me
  • Below the T-chart you created, add a four-square (as shown in picture at right). to define loathsome and supercilious.

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Read Aloud and Free Write (15 minutes)
  • Excerpt from My Antonia (Book I, Chapter VII, Part 13-16, paragraph beginning, "We were examining a big hole...")
  • In Writer's Notebook, make a list of things/experiences/people you find loathsome or supercilious.
  • Choose one, and free write for ten (10) minutes.

cameraZoom.jpgMini-Lesson: Zooming in with Participles (30 minutes)

  • Quick assessment: Paper Tri-fold (opener, interrupter, closer)--write three sentences with participial phrases (-ing or -ed verbs).

Independent Reading/Writing Time(25 minutes)
  • Your Pioneer Evidence.
  • Outline/draft your ideas using this form.
  • Find action (think mini-movie) you can add to a sentence. Write at least one sentence with participial phrase about your Pioneer. Be prepared to share.

Share Time
(5 minutes)
  • Add one of your participial phrase sentences to the wiki discussion, or add it to a sentence strip and attach to Wall Chart.