Day 4 ~ August 30-31 ~ Today's Announcements

Today's Learning Goals:

  • review appositives and model
  • enhance vocabulary
  • increase editing/revising skills

Bell Ringer
  • Review appositives here.
  • Unscramble the sentence parts (a-e) listed below to match the following model sentence.
    • MODEL: The proprieter, a little gray man with an unkept mustache and watery eyes, leaned on the counter, reading a newspaper.
    • a. a tall thin blonde
    • b. walked down the runway
    • c. with a long mane and long legs
    • d. the model
    • e. eyeing the audience
  • Type this sentence and an original sentence using this same structure as the model sentence into an email and submit to
  • REMINDER: Please, intentionally, use five appositive phrases within your metaphor paper.

Independent Reading UPDATE!

  • Our new words: arduous, iridescent, and affright.
  • GROUP WORK: Go to Google Sets. Type in the word. Within your group discuss and type into the list as many synonyms for the words as you can think. Then click either "Large Set" or "Small Set" to see the results.
  • Enter these words and their synonyms into the "vocabulary" section of your three-ring binder.
  • INDIVIDUAL WORK: Now select a word from your metaphor paper. Using Google Sets, again type in your word.
  • GOAL: to find a "better" word to use within your paper.

WRITING WORKSHOP: external image 42-15400683.jpg
Metaphorical Paper
Peer Edits
  • Edit/Revise your paper.
  • Use this form for edit-checks. Save and then email this review to the person whose paper you read.
  • Writing Metaphor Rubric
    • Check out the "no-no" list on the rubric.
  • Make the needed revisions as you prepare the final paper for submission...yes, step five in the Writing Process.


  • Draft your final paper of your metaphor.
  • Please be prepared to enter your parents'/guardians' emails and telephone numbers in this form during our next class meeting.