September 14-15 - Today's Announcements

Today's Objectives:

1. Bell Ringer ActivitiesBell_Ringer_2.jpg
  • Read all of today's lesson plans. Today we begin with the end in mind.
  • 2B and 3B
    • Check here to see if your blog is posted on the class blog page.
    • Open your blog. Can you find the following on your blog?
      • Annotated Reading Page created? Thank you!
      • Post #1 (your chosen theme) created? Thank you!
  • Open your Gmail and read My least two installments.

2. Vocabulary from My Antonia
  • List and define these words in the vocabulary section of your three-ring binder.
    • mediocre
    • disposition
    • interminableVocabulary.jpg
    • fraternal
    • encumbered
    • bantering
    • decorum
    • demonstrative
    • oracular
    • vermilion
    • uncouth
    • famished

3. Writing WorkshopWriting_Workshop.jpg
Mini-Lesson #1
  • Review appositives.
    • "A tomboy, Cather often dressed in boys' clothing and even signed her name as William or Willie Cather for most of her teenage years."

    • "The Cather family moved to Red Cloud, where Willa starts school. There, too, she meets Annie Sadilek, a "hired girl" from Bohemia who becomes the inspiration for My Antonia."

    • Willa Cather's The Troll Garden, a book of short stories, is published in 1905.

    • "In New York, Cather soon met Edith Lewis, the woman who would be her roommate and closet companion for the rest of her life."

    • Just days after Jim gets there, he meets Antonia, a young woman who has just arrived with her family from Bohemia.

  • Now, add at least one appositive phrase to your first blog post.

Mini-Lesson #2
  • Choral Reading: "A Brief Guide to Writing Narrative Essays"
    • Point of View
      • In your assigned group, create a 30-second example of your point of view.
      • Perform!
  • Time has compiled a list of Top 100 People Who Most Affect Our World.
    • Browse the site and select a person who you admire for "pioneering" his/her area of expertise.
    • HOMEWORK: In the "Writer's Notebook" section of your three-ring binder, create a list of details that support this topic sentence: (Your Chosen Person ) pioneers in his/her field because of his/her (summarize his/her pioneering quality).
      • Below this list, list one connection:
        • Text-2-Me
        • Text-2-Text
        • Text-2-World
      • a paragraph
      • written in the voice of your chosen person
        • QUESTION? Actually two! In which sentence is the preposition used correctly?
          • Which point of view will you write from?
          • From which point of view will you write?

5. Review for Test!

6. Homework
  • Study for your test.
  • Read! Book 2 Deadline - Sept. 15