September 20-21

Today's Objective:

  • To analyze character foils
  • To make connections outside a text

Bell Work

  • 2B: Please go here before next class time and fill in your Google Email and Blog info!
  • Hand in paragraph. Did you include the following?
    • two chunks of info?
      • underline commentary
    • two appositive phrases...please identify
    • one participial phrase...please identify
    • one embedded quote
  • Read The Crucible, pages 8-13
  • REMINDER: Vocab Word - crucible = a great test

external image 11337804.jpg

John and Elizabeth Proctor
John and Elizabeth Proctor
Literary Focus: Characterization

  • Foil: Abigail vs. Elizabeth
    • Define foil (source).
      • a person or thing that makes another seem better by contrast.
      • to set off by contrast.

  • Watch two clips: John and Abigail andJohn and Elizabeth.
    • How are Abigail and Elizabeth foils?
      • Discuss other character foils in the drama.

    • Theme: How might these foils assist the reader in developing a theme for this drama?
    • Now, think of someone who is a foil for you.
      • external image unit46_lesson4_venn.jpgWriter's Notebook: Complete a Venn Diagram for you and this person.

  • John Proctor: The Value of a Name
    • Watch clip. Discuss the ultimate test that John Proctor encountered. Did his pass? Fail?
    • Writer's Notebook: Discuss the value of your name.
      • Does your name personify the person you are? The person you want to be?
        • What changes do you need to make to become the person you strive to be?
        • When people hear your name...what do they say about you?
        • When people hear your family's name...what does the name mean to them?
        • Are YOU always YOU?
        • Would you have made the same choice that John Proctor did?

Making Connections: Text-to-Text - The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible

  • Group Work: Ponder on tests or crucibles in The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible.
    • Make-a-Connection
      • Text-2-Me
      • Text-2-Text
      • Text-2-World

Homework: READ your out-of-class novel.

  • Next time: Assign The Red Badge of Courage.