Today's Objectives: | Bell Work | Focus on the Novel | Homework
September 28-29 -- Today's Announcements:

ATTENTION! Please use Germ-X...someone(s) is chewing the erasers off pencils in my room! Yuck!

Today's Objectives:

  • Analyze a poem for connotative meaning
  • Analyze a work for use of phrases
  • Present group work on novel background
  • Discuss Ladder of Questioning

Bell Work

external image Quiz.gif
  • Review...skim/scan...chapters 2-3.
  • Quiz TODAY!

Focus on the Novel

  • Poetic Connection
    • "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
      • Listen to the poem here.
      • Watch clip from //Blind Side// discovered by the Awesome 2-B'ers, especially Dylan N!
      • Note use of a poem's connotative meaning:
        • Narrative Poem: annotate each stanza for verbs that narrate.
        • Repetition: Why does Tennyson repeat these particular words?
        • Alliteration: What letter? Why?
        • Rhetorical Question: See stanza 6...why?
    • "War Is Kind"
  • Discuss chapters 1-3external image gdocs_main.png
    • Note Crane's use of...
      • Participial Phrases
      • Alliteration
  • Google Presentation for group.
    • Create a Presentation
    • Need one slide per group member.
    • Discuss your assigned topic.
      • Select subtopics.
      • Create/design your slide.
  • LADDER OF QUESTIONING:Ladders_of_Questioning_2011.jpg
    • Create a list of questions you have so far about our thematic unit.
      • Read multi-genre unit on PTSD.
    • NEW Assignment SOON! - Inquiry Project Per Group


  • Read chapters
    • "B" Classes: Chapters 4-6, pp. 33-47
    • "A" Classes: Chapters 4-10, pp. 33-68
  • Complete your blog post on Wounded Warrier Project.