Today's Objectives: | Bell Work: | Focus on the Novel: | Homework: READ!
September 30 & October 3

Today's Objectives:

  • Review inference
  • Analyze the effect of the setting on characters.

Bell Work:

  • Complete Background Presentations
    • What inferencedid you adopt about your subtopic?
      • Did you use evidence(specific, concrete details) and cite that source on the "Works Cited" page?
        • Now, what are your comments on the above evidence = "I say..."

Optional Essay Contest
  • The Voice of Democracy Program is open to students in grades 9-12.
  • Essay theme: “Is There Pride in Serving in Our Military?”
  • For details in how to compete for a $30,000 scholarship, see Ms. Butler.

Focus on the Novel:

Homework: READ!

  • "B" Classes: Chapters 7-10
  • "A" Classes: Chapters 11-13