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October 4-5 -- Today's Announcements -

UPDATE! Blogs due this Friday! Writer's Notebook Check on Thursday/Friday!

Today's Objectives:

  • Review participial phrases.
  • Select and defend an archetype for Henry Fleming.


  • Review your Novel Background presentation
    • Did you make an inference?
      • Support it with evidence?
        • Now are you ready to comment on that inference and evidence?
    • Have you read for today!?
      • "B" Classes: Chapters 7-10
      • "A" Classes: Chapters 11-13

Focus on the Novel

external image archetype.jpg
  • Participials...Henry vs. Forrest
    • On the back of your graphic organizer, create a list of participial phrases that describe each of the above characters.
      • Turn in today!
  • Archetype: Please add this term to a page in your Literary Terms section of your three-ring binder. Add the definition and at least ten archetypes.
  • Based on what you know about archetypes, what archetype does Henry Fleming represent?
    • At your table, gather textual evidence for this.


  • Complete blog posts.
  • Read The Red Badge of Courage
    • "B" Classes: Chapters 11-13...for Thursday
    • "A" Classes: Chapters: 14-18...for Friday
  • Complete the novel for next Thursday/Friday!
    • Test will include the following discussion questions...be watching for evidence in your novel and annotating!
      • Cranes' use of color
      • Henry Fleming's archetype
      • Character foil
      • Inference about conflict: internal vs. external
      • Defend which you think Crane was the more: a Realist? or a Naturalist?