August 15-16

Welcome Back to BHS -- Welcome to Cafe 16Happy New Year!

Today's Objectives:
  • To meet and greet members of our community (school and town) via a resume.
  • To review verbs and parallelism.
  • To review metaphor and the writing process.

Bell Work:

  • ResuME: On your copy of the resume template, begin filling in the sections with information about yourself as an avenue of introducing yourself to your teachers.
  • How does a resume help answer this question:

FOCUS ON...Parallel Structure and Vivid VerbsVivid_Verbs.jpg

  • Who is Mrs. Gillmore? Who is she NOT?
    • At our table, introduce Mrs. Gillmore.
    • Note the parallel structure within my resume.
    • Which verb is the most vivid?
  • In groups, meet and greet, via resumes, the following:
    • Superintendent Dr. Willison
    • Principal Campbell
    • Vice Principal Wilson
    • Media Center Spec. Ms. Lapert
    • Drama teacher Ms. Pickett
  • Vivid Verbs
    • Find the verbs in the resumes provided. Are they vivid? Are they lazy verbs?
    • Why do writers utilize a variety of verbs? Think about your writing...
    • Replace three verbs.
  • Parallelism

Rubric: How should we assess your resume?

  • Based on the resumes you have just viewed, what should be included in your own resume?
  • Hand in your resume draft.
  • Have blank spots? You have a whole year to "complete" your resume...due in May 2012!

Thinking Ahead...planning for you blog...

  • Let's think metaphorically.
  • Read "The Writer."
    • Complete the reverse side.
    • Now you have bookmark for your first read!
  • For Wed/Thurs

Book Talk

external image mvey.jpg

Between now and Wednesday/Thursday:

  • Learn this URL:
  • Supplies needed for this class:
    • 3-ring binder
    • Paper (loose leaf, preferably)
    • Pencils/pens (no neon colors, please)
    • 5 tab dividers (may create dividers using sticky notes)
    • Highlighters ($1 package from $ Tree)
    • Sticky notes ($1 package from $ Tree)
  • Please take a class newsletter to your parent/guardian.
  • REMINDER: Open House - Tuesday - 6:00-7:30