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“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read.”
~ Mark Twain, American author

Mini-Lesson 1 Independent Reading: The Bucket List
Mini-Lesson 2 Independent Reading: The Bucket List
Mini-Lesson 3 Independent Reading: The Bucket List
  • The Hook: Show one Teen Book Trailers 2011-2012 via YouTube.
  • Teacher model 50-Word Commentary on teacher-selected read.
  • Student share a 50-Word Commentary on document camera.
  • Teacher share blog post of his/her Bucket List.
  • Assess teacher’s blog post using rubric.

Additional Resources

Former Plans for Independent Reading
1st Nine Weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks
1. Sept. 10
2. Oct. 3
3. Oct. 14

What constitutes one book?
    • 150-299 pages = 1 book
    • 300-599 pages = 2 books
    • 600+ pages = 3 books
    • 10 articles of appropriate length and difficulty
    • 10 themed articles--on one particular topic/theme (requires separate MLA annotated bibliography)
      • At least four (4) of the six required reads must be BOOKS; you may count no more than two (2) article sets of ten as part of your independent reading each quarter.

Exercise a balanced reading diet.
    • Read for pleasure and for learning--deeper, analytical reading.
    • Read fiction and nonfiction, poetry and prose, old and new.
    • Read print and digital texts, including magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, online articles, photo essays, videos, podcasts, and, of course--books. Might consider checking out our Online Reads, Jim Burke's Weekly Reader, or Mrs. Huff's The Shelf.

Maintain an annotated READING LIST.
    • Keep an annotated reading list of books as a PAGE on your blog. Consider using GoodReads to create a snazzy display of books you've read.
    • Keep an annotated reading list of articles as a separate PAGE on your blog.

"Review" three of your novels on your blog.


To sum up your independent reading requirements...
  • Read the number of books requested by Mrs. Gillmore per nine weeks.
  • Keep an annotated reading list on your blog (one for books, another for articles).
  • Write a minimum of three (3) book reviews and post to your blog.