Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.

~Zora Neale Hurston


Steps in the Research Process

1. Choose a topic.

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2. Develop your preliminary thesis.

Choose Your Format

Modern Language Association
- MLA -

American Psychological Association
- APA -
Doublespace everything!

1" margins

Preliminary Thesis

  • Topic + Slant/Angle
    • The Terezin Concentration Camp proved to be the most memorable camp for children of the Holocaust.

Preliminary Outline

  • List in Roman Numeral format the topics needed to sufficiently prove your thesis.


  • Find sources to prove your thesis.


  • Create preliminary bibliography using Microsoft Word.

Annotate Bibliography

  • Two chunks of info required
    • Brief Summary
    • Will you use this source in your paper? Why or why not?
  • Check here for sample.

Annotate Sources

  • Bracket, highlight, underline information that supports your preliminary outline.

Develop Your Outline

  • For each Roman Numeral, add an A and a B.
  • For each A and B, add a 1 and 2.

Body of Paper

  • Draft in three assignments...the Roman Numerals of your preliminary outline.
  • Parenthetical Citations
  • Plagiarism


  • Draft the infroduction.
    • "Hook" your audience.
  • Draft the conclusion.
    • Your final words to your reader on your topic.

Title Info

Grammar Expectations

  • anaphora
  • polysyndeton